New Online Medical School!

The other day, I saw a tweet advertising an online medical school. It read, “Become part of the future of primary care as a Medical Doctor. Carson-Newman offers an online MD degree. Clinical placement support is provided.”

I never heard of a school offering online medical degrees, so I went to their website. 

  • Enjoy stress-free clinical placements and unrivaled student support
  • Study when it’s convenient for you with 100% online coursework (excluding clinicals and residency) and no mandatory login times
  • Learn from passionate and experienced faculty who are active medical doctors in their own communities
  • Graduate ready to take the national certification exam as a Medical Doctor
  • Apply for free and get your transcript evaluated at no additional cost

Join the ranks of in-demand MDs who will fill more than 60,000 new medical doctor positions expected over the next decade. Carson-Newman offers three MD programs based on your level of education:


  • Program completion in as few as 32 months
  • Stress-free clinical placements for clinical rotations
  • Meet your classmates and instructors in person in one on-campus residency
  • BS required

Sounds unbelievable?

It is.

There is no such thing as an online school for physicians, and definitely no “stress-free” clinical rotations. But, the ad is real. I copied the text verbatim from the school’s website, except that I changed the letters “NP” to “MD” and the words “Nurse Practitioner” to “Medical Doctor.”

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