Fake Immunization Records, Real Suicide Note

Here is a sad situation as well as a weird event. Dr. Van Koinis, an Illinois pediatrician, committed suicide and left behind a suicide note saying he falsified medical records about vaccinating kids. Were the parents upset? No. He didn’t shoot them with saline. He just lied and that is what they wanted him to do.

Investigators believe parents of children who opposed vaccinations for communicable diseases — which are required by statute for all students in Illinois — sought out Koinis with a “purpose” to get fraudulent records to allow their children to attend schools without receiving immunizations, Dart said.

What did he write before killing himself?

The note was very short,” Dart told the station. “It was a note where he expressed a lot of regret and the note was solely driven at the fact that he did things he regretted as far as the vaccinations … He was incredibly regretful for what he did and it was the only thing he mentioned in the suicide note. It was this and only this.”

Any doctor that kills himself is a tragedy. Maybe this guy came to his senses and realized the harm he had done? I hope he finds peace now. And the anti-vaxxers will have to find another patsy. So sad.

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