I Caught CVS Caremark Trying to Scam Me

I recently wrote how local pharmacies have been scamming us with prescriptions that many patients don’t need. They are doing this for money and it has been working. It is unethical and it is putting patients at risk for taking too many drugs or just the wrong meds.

I admit that I was slow on this. I have a small DPC office. My assistant would get the faxes from the pharmacies and just give me tasks on my EMR to refill. And I did. Then I caught a few drugs that I had stopped before. Uh oh.

Now our policy in the office has changed. Interestingly enough, we have received multiple calls from the PBM lowlifes at CVS Caremark. They demanded we refill metformin on a patient. We asked if the patient requested it and they said yes. Their fax reiterated the same. We called the patient and he adamantly denies asking for it. In fact, he has three bottles of it at home.

This has to stop. It should be illegal. Patients are going to get hurt. As if PBMs are not evil enough. Please be aware of this and share this so others may learn from it.

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