Survivor: Millennials vs. Boomers

There is a lot to unpack here. First, the nation is shutting its doors and trying to quarantine itself in order to stave off COVID-19. Or are they? There seems to be a tremendous amount of disregard to social distancing by the millennials.

The picture above is spring break in Key West. There is evidence this is going on everywhere even though authorities are canceling many events. I am hearing breweries are packed with young ones. The same goes for restaurants. Many are ignoring this pandemic, thinking they can’t be hurt by it. And they may be partially right. These 20 and 30-year-olds can physically handle COVID-19 so much better than us old people.

Is this their ultimate “f#ck you!” to the boomers? For some reason, they have been pissed at us for a while. Remember the “Okay, boomer” put down? I think they think we supposedly caused all their hardships in life? You know, like the school loans they willingly signed for so they can go to the nicest college and get their degree in Elizabethan poetry. But this is not for me to say.

These brave souls, however, should know that their parents and grandparents are being put at risk by their behavior and they need to take some responsibility for that. I hope I am wrong but in my thirty years in medicine, I have never seen such changes and restrictions that have been put in place to stop a disease….only to have idiots disregard them.

Am I wrong here?

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