An Effective Mirror

When in doubt, we can always count on good ol’ profit-driven capitalism to hold a mirror up to our foolishness.  The more evident it has become that mandated mass masking for the asymptomatic to prevent widespread COVID-19 infection is ridiculous, the more dug in have become politicians, bureaucrats, mass media, and large corporations to ensure that we comply with this pointless herd behavior.  Some of us have been saying since the beginning of this self-immolation that the point of all this masking is more for show than to actually accomplish any curbing of exhalation exposure, and now a product has come along to prove exactly that.

(Note:  I am well aware that does not have advertisers and this in no way should be construed as a commercial endorsement.  If any reader runs out to buy this product, it’s not because I recommended it.)

Along comes “Cool Turtle”, a plastic scaffold to elevate the ineffectual flap of paper or cloth away from your face, to allow a “refreshing pocket of air” over your mouth.  Watching the commercial  this apparently can only be done by allowing more air in – and out.  So, you can go to Target, or testify to Congress with your obedient, virtue signaling talisman firmly in place, exhaling even more microbe-laden CO2 than ever before toward your fellow travelers, showing that you care, and accomplishing just as much real disease transmission deterrence as you were before.  

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