My Shameless Plug

Here is my big ask. I have been producing the Authentic Medicine Blog and newsletter for 20 years. We don’t charge. We don’t make any money on the site. We don’t spam anyone. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the product that we put out. So where am I going with this? I need a favor.

Many of you know that I have been a writer as well as a doctor. Other than my three Direct Primary Care books, I also have written two other humorous ones (The Placebo Chronicles and Diary of a Drug Rep). I think they were pretty good. But I wasn’t done.

For years I have had a story rolling around in my head that I couldn’t get rid of. it was a mixture of many of the passions that I have had in life. When I was in practice I usually had a large following of autistic patients. I just loved them and they tended to gravitate towards me. I even had a young child who had a savant skill that simply amazed me. I always wanted to write a book about this group of special people and finally got around to it. I did it in a way that included my other experiences. I had to use boxing as the medium.

Before becoming a doctor I was a sports medicine trainer for professional boxers in Houston. I worked with five different world champions. In fact, my brother Matt was a pro and top ten Jr. Middleweight in the late 80s. I have even considered turning pro back then. I was an All-American college boxer in 1986. Then I moved to Houston and realized that I was not nearly good enough to continue. That’s when I started working with boxers but also I got my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and then moved on to medical school. I even made a comeback in 2000 as a trainer to help my best friend Lou Savarese fight Mike Tyson. It didn’t go so well but you can see me in the picture above.

So, where am I going with this? Noki is the best book I have ever written. It is a fictional tale with a lot of my true experiences mixed in. It is about an autistic young man who weirdly has the savant skill to become any fighter he wants to be in the ring. In that sense, it is a homage to boxing’s greats but it does NOT glorify boxing. Nor does it merely use autism as a vehicle to a good story. It is a fable about a fable and you will find that out once you finish the book. This brings me to my point. If you have ever liked my writing or this blog then I think you would love Noki. The book is not long and it is on Kindle.

My big ask is that you purchase it (It’s only $9.95) and PLEASE give it a review on Amazon. I would be so grateful if you did.

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