A Higher Purpose of Leadership

I was reading a book called Leading At A Higher Level by Ken Blanchard and I was really intrigued about how he redefined what leadership really is.  Here is an excerpt:

We believed that anytime you tried to influence the thoughts and actions of others toward goal accomplishment in either your personal or professional life you were engaging in leadership. In recent years, The Ken Blanchard Companies has changed its definition of leadership to “the capacity to influence others by unleashing the potential and power of people and organizations for the greater good.” We made this change for an important reason. When the definition of leadership focuses only on goal accomplishment, some people think that leadership is only about results. The key phrase in our new definition is “the greater good”-what is best for all involved. We think leadership is a high calling. Leadership should not be purely for personal gain or goal accomplishment; it should have a much higher purpose than that.

I believe doctors are leaders.  We are leaders for our staffs and for our patients and we SHOULD be leaders of the healthcare system.   Did you know that is why Walt Disney named the leader of the Seven Dwarfs “Doc?  It’s true because back then physicians were respected and were always thought of as leaders.  As a physician I never thought about “goals”.  My goal was to become a doctor and then to help people.   I love how Blanchard talks about the greater good because that is what I believe doctors try to accomplish.  We try to help the individual person and treat patients as people….NOT NUMBERS.

Unfortunately, now there are NEW leaders trying to run the healthcare system.  They are ONLY about the numbers in spite of the greater good or greater bad.  For them it is damn the evidence and keep going because I want my plaque to prove how good I am .  Once again I am talking about the businesspeople (insurers, administrators, government) who are pushing for pay-for-performance, for quality indicators, and to judge doctors by the labs and measurements of their patients.  This is not why we became doctors.  The is not what is best for all involved and this is not leadership as a higher calling.  This is leadership ONLY for goal accomplishment and personal gain and there is no higher purpose in that.

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