Hard Hitting Anti-Obesity Campaign in Georgia

Georgia is making a strong effort to curb childhood obesity.  They have a controversial new campaign using of black-and-white images and commercials of overweight kids that some critics are claiming is too much and could cause additional stigma to obese children.  Maybe, but at least it isn’t a “food insecurity” commercial showing how hungry the kids are.   Where is the info to back that up, anyway?  Georgia has nearly one million overweight or obese kids and these videos are right on the mark.  If you watch the video above at YouTube you can see more of them right next to this one.  Anyway, this campaign has billboards, commercials, and print ads that have sparked some controversy but I think it may just work. The article referenced here is where I found this info.  It was a good one but I think the last quote by Marsha Davis, a child obesity prevention researcher at the University of Georgia’s College of Public Health, was an accidental slip:

“I think it’s really brave to talk about the elephant in the room,” she told the AJC after the campaign launched.

Yeah, if I was her, I wouldn’t be using that line again.

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