The Anti-Doctor


A judge sentenced a coward and lowlife doctor to 45 years in prison recently.  He was a hematologist/oncologist who criminally put patients through treatments they didn’t need so he could get rich.  The article talks about “stories of brittle bones and fried organs as patients chillingly described the effects of excessive chemotherapy at the hands of Dr. Farid Fata.”  And Fata:

..offered no excuses before getting his punishment. Stone-faced all week in court, he repeatedly broke down in loud sobs as he begged for mercy Friday.  “I misused my talents, yes, and permitted this sin to enter me because of power and greed,” Fata said. “My quest for power is self-destructive.”

So, he is a coward, too.  This bastard pleaded guilty last year to fraud, money laundering and conspiracy so he did a lot of bad stuff.  No, there is no mercy for you, Dr Fata.

I am hoping that the combination of him trying to get rich while doing unnecessary treatments was the key to his jail time.  Amazingly enough, this is still a slippery slope.  Sending doctors to jail should scare us.  For example, what if he wasn’t really trying to get rich off this and his excessive treatments were not excessive but a little bit of an outlier?  What if he was doing some treatments that were not standard of care now but preliminary studies look good? And what if that made him rich?  What if a doctor made a mistake and a patient died?  Does she go to jail?

Fata’s case was easy.  I am being a devil’s advocate here but I still think we need to be careful about precedents where doctors do jail time especially when the wrong people are in charge of the healthcare system.


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