A new study claims that more than a million women have been treated for cancers that never would have threatened their lives.  In fact, up to one-third of breast cancers, or 50,000 to 70,000 cases a year, don’t need treatment at all.   And this all comes from screening via mammograms.   You can say the same thing with PSA testing.   Science is not perfect.  All we can hope is that we can get better as we tweak the technologies and the studies behind them.   We need to be flexible in our beliefs (dogma) and allow change to happen.  Unfortunately, there will always be cases that make new screening recommendations look hurtful and stupid.  Life throws us curveballs.  That being said, we cannot afford the screenings and the over treatment unless there IS science backing it.    Now get ready for the special interest groups to hammer back.  It’s sad.