Getting Lean and Mean in 2013

Happy New Year!  I wish you all the best.  Hopefully we are getting out of the murky waters and into better times (I love mixing metaphors).  May the benefits of Obamacare be with you because whether you like it or not,  it is now law.    Here is the section, I found from this article, that I think may be the only way to turn the country around:

 “Direct primary care coupled with a high deductible insurance plan should be an eligible option in the benefits exchanges.” (PPACA Section 1301(a)(3))

The exact clause goes like this:

(3) TREATMENT OF QUALIFIED DIRECT PRIMARY CARE MEDICAL HOME PLANS.—The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall permit a qualified health plan to provide coverage through a qualified direct primary care medical home plan that meets criteria established by the Secretary, so long as the qualified health plan meets all requirements that are otherwise applicable and the services covered by the medical home plan are coordinated with the entity offering the qualified health plan. 

Like anything else, the devil is in the details.

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