Whose Fault?

Americans are far more unhealthy than people in 16 other developed countries, and it’s probably our own fault, experts reported on Wednesday. We die younger from diseases such as obesity and heart disease, and we are far more likely to be murdered and die in car accidents, the researchers at the National Academy of Sciences found.  U.S. culture has a lot to do with it and policymakers need to take action right away to reverse the trend, the experts who wrote the report advised.

This came from an NBC.com story.   Immediately it goes on to quote the experts who conclude that we should make new laws to protect ourselves…..from ourselves.   When are they going to learn that you can’t legislate personal responsibility?    The article points out that we spend so much on healthcare yet we are not any healthier so it must be something we can fix by creating new laws.   But that is crap.    Healthcare costs so much because there are too many third parties, middlemen and administrators taking most of the money.  Also, we are not any healthier because we eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) which kills us.   Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the majority of patients DO NOT want to change this lifestyle.   So this is what happens when you sew the seeds of poor health habits.  Why is anyone surprised?

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