Own It by Pat Conrad MD

If you think health care is a right then fine – defend it, and honestly acknowledge the results of your thinking.  I recognize that health care was a screwed up mess, certainly to get worse, before Obama’s rise.  I get that many truly thought that he could, and desperately wanted to believe, that he would fix it for all.  Some of us knew better and tried to warn you.
I know that to many it has been critical for Obama to either succeed, or at the very least, appear to be a success.  And I get that for many, the big government hug of Bushism excuses all the subsequent imperfections of wiser, more compassionate Democrats.  Fine.  Here are just a couple of recent articles dealing with the effects of voters choosing to be cared for:
Respected liberal Joe Klein plaintively PLEADS for greater Obamacare competence (his word!).  The AP talks about TAX SURPRISES in store for the newly covered, and “From the Right” in Investors Business Daily CONCURS with HHS Secretary about higher premiums barreling down the pike to Lake Woebego…just woe.  And lately, the ‘net is buzzing with rumors from a CNBC interview, that the HHS Sec’y will need to ask for hundreds of billions more to cover those under existing federal programs.
What the majority of voters chose, and reaffirmed, was the equivalent of having boat engine trouble and stopping at a roadside produce stand, hiring the fruit vendor who is known to have absolutely no experience in marine engines, and giving him a blank check and unlimited time to fix the problem.  I look forward to the day when I hear a patient or family member complain about access, high costs, penalties, and shortages, angry that they voted for this.  It will be my genuine pleasure to remind them that they won.  Own it.
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