The Employed Doctor Bill

I have mentioned this trend before but I wanted to point out this editorial from a doctor in Kentucky.   All doctors, unless direct care models get more popular, will be working for hospitals.    It used to be that hospitals hired doctors for market share.   Now that bigger systems are swallowing up more and more hospitals, that isn’t the case anymore.  So, why are hospitals employing doctors?   As the author states, “according to a 2012 MedPAC Advisory Report, including hospital facility fees increases reimbursement for a 15-minute office visit by 80 percent.”  It’s a good read but he really doesn’t give a solution. The key would be to create an incentive for doctors to be on their own again.   To me, that marriage between and doctors has too many conflict of interests.  Did I ever mention the email from my past hospital CEO complaining that there were not enough patients being admitted?  True story.

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