Seniors Driving With Pets


A new study shows that elderly people who always drive with a pet in their car are far more likely to crash than those who never drive with a pet.   I know, earth shattering, right?   Published in a recent issue of the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, the findings are consistent with the fact that a lot of elderly people are just shitty drivers.   And it turns out that if you distract them they tend to be even shittier.  So, if you want a grant to study whether the elderly crash more while texting, listening to their spouse nag, changing the radio station, leaning over to fart or driving when they are tired then you can easily get a grant from the Institute of Obvious Observations.


Douglas Farrago MD

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  1. Harry S Nydick
    May 26, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Bullshit. Now, I’ll grant that some people lose their responsive abilities when they get past a certain age. However, seniors as a group ride with pets far less often than younger people and are better drivers – due to experience, than many others. They also have fewer nagging spouses, because there are more widows and widowers (not to mentioned divorced) among seniors – and far fewer screaming, acting up, distracting kids. Seniors are no more shitty drivers than anyone else. If anything, some tend to be overcautious. So, if by ‘shitty,’ you meant that they obey the traffic laws, stay to the right when not passing and show courtesy to other drivers,t hen you are right. speeding, cutting people out, blasting bass on a radio so that it can be heard half a mile a way and makes other cars vibrate, running red lights, rolling through stop signs, etc. – these are all things that few seniors do. One more thought – is it shitty driving when I drive 25 mph in a 25 mph zone (that is often guarded by police looking to give out tickets), while someone younger rides on my tail, dangerously, because that person is too impatient to obey the law? Is that person going to pay my speeding ticket and the cost increase in my car insurance? I doubt it. Right now, I’m going to lean over and fart on this entirely stupid and unfounded assertion of yours.

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