Family Health Centers


Take a look at the long NY Times article about how a Louisville clinic is racing to adapt to the new health care changes.  It should make you sick.  It starts out explaining how a MBA is hired to  “coach”  and help the nonprofit clinic adapt to the demands of the federal health care changes.  He doesn’t cost much, I bet.  He is just another Administribble who produces nothing and yet takes from the system.  Anyway, here are some more highlights that will curl your genital hair even more:

  • They expect that their patient load could double, even as they struggle to recruit doctors and other staff members. 
  • Doctors working full time at Family Health Centers earn about $127,000 a year, far less than many of their counterparts in private practice.
  • In the last year alone, the clinics lost five doctors, including one who moved, one who retired and one who took a higher-paying job at a hospital. Nurse practitioners are filling the void. They now make up 60 percent of the medical staff at the seven clinics, and their role will continue to grow.

This is what will happen everywhere.  Welcome to The Show.

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