Insurers Love P4P


Head over to the American Medical News and see the article Insurers have big plans for value-based doctor payments.   But before you do, check out how P4P or pay-for-pefromance is now being called value-based doctor payments.   Is the term quality losing steam?  Why don’t they use the term I created, which is physician profiling?

Anyway, here are some highlights:

  • A recent survey found that 82% of health plans consider the development of new payment models a “major priority” for their organizations.
  • Health insurers generally are making the biggest effort to convert from fee-for-service to value-based payments in their employer group plans, with 75% saying they were doing so.
  • However, 75% of plans said they will automate information exchange with doctors in the next 12 to 18 months so they can begin to implement or expand value-based payment models.

Now, why do you think insurers are so quick to go to “value based” payments?   Is it really “a way to rein in costs” as the article says?  How could it be when payments to doctors aren’t the be big reason for high healthcare costs?  Salaries have been stagnant for 40 years.  So where does most of the money that PEOPLE PAY for their health insurance go to?   It’s….uhhhh…wait I minute…..I know..oh yeah….to the fuc&ing the health insurers!

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