Forcing a Doctor to Care


I have seen my fair share of physician burnout over the past twenty years.   I, myself, have toyed with it many times.  I have also seen physicians who just didn’t care.  There is no other way to explain it.  They weren’t bad people but you could tell that their empathy was almost on empty.  I was reminded of this when I read this article called If I Point a Gun at My Doctor, Will He Still Care?  I won’t put the whole article here but here are the highlights that I like:

  • In other words, doctors “didn’t build that.” They didn’t invest the years of rigorous work and study; rather, the government invested in them and has a right to a return on the investment that it owns. Medical education is a thus privilege paid for with lifelong obedience and servitude.  That conclusion follows from the assertion that healthcare is a right. Whenever someone tells me he has a “right” to health care, I ask, “From whom? From me?” This question exposes the claim to this “right” for the robbery and slavery that it is.
  • You may believe you have this right, but consider this: Do you really want to exercise your “right” to healthcare on an unwilling physician? What kind of care do you think you’ll receive?
  • Now imagine angry mobs of folks waving their ObamaCare “insurance” cards, demanding their free healthcare outside a closed and vacant doctor’s office. The government cannot change human nature. If government points its guns at the doctors to make them participate, the “healthcare” that is delivered under these conditions will be different from what the mobs expected. In fact, it won’t be medical care at all.
  • You don’t want to trust your life to someone who has a gun pointed at him. Perhaps the fear of the care rendered by coerced doctors will inspire a new “wellness.” Staying as far away as you possibly can from such doctors may be the most self-preserving move you can make in the near future.

Those doctors that I mentioned in the beginning of this piece are the same ones he talks about in the last highlighted section.  And trust me, you want to stay away from them.  Since they are growing in numbers, I fear only the worst as the insurance companies, the government, and administrators also wave their guns at them.   You can never force someone to care but you can easily burn them out so they DO NOT care.   And that is what I see happening.

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