Cognitive Care

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One of the docs I was working with called me into a room because a patient of hers was going into anaphylactic shock.  His tongue was swollen and his pressure and oxygen dropped big time.   We were able to stabilize him with O2, epinephrine, prednisone and the works and then the ambulance finally came.  The code for this will be a level 4 which is the same as a simple bronchitis.   Insane.   Do you know that physicians who perform procedural care, such as screening colonoscopy and cataract extractions, are reimbursed by Medicare at a rate that several hundred times that of cognitive care?  I am trying to rip my colleagues in different specialties here.   I, myself, do a lot of procedures and that is what bumped my wRVUs in my last job.  The problem is that if this disparity is not lessened there will be no primary care doctors left.

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