A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Expanding Medicaid


The paper edition of the WSJ says it all in the piece called Medicaid Expansion Drives Up Visits to ER.  Yeah, like no one saw that coming.  The reference study found that “a group of 10,000 low-income Oregon residents who recently obtained Medicaid coverage visited ERs 40% more often than those without insurance”.   You can check out the article if you subscribe or find other ways on the internet (wink) but it really shouldn’t be an eye opener for anyone.  After the “keep your own insurance if you like it” fiasco, is anyone really be that blind or stupid to believe the administration on anything they say about the ACA anymore?   Medicaid expansion is a mistake.  Why?  Because these patients do not pay ANYTHING and EXPECT EVERYTHING and have no skin in the game.  Why not go to the ER if the doctor is busy that day?  So what if it is just sniffles for a few hours (seen this myself)?  And let’s not forget that the ACA did NOTHING to drive more medical students into primary care.  No family docs or internists means no one to see these patients.  Those states that expand their Medicaid rolls will go bankrupt as soon as the Feds pull out from paying in a few years.  You heard it here first.

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