Here is an article from the Washington Post expelling the push behind the idea of decreasing the duration of medical school by a year.   In other words, we are trying to make medical students “less educated” in a time when we know that information is exponentially increasing.  Think about it.   When I was in medical school, we had so much less to learn compared to now.  Heck, I remember one of my professors telling me then that the of field of immunology didn’t even exist when he was in school.  A whole field! Yet, the next big idea from the idiot in charge is to settle for the least common denominator.  As we learn in this article, they want to take away a year of medical school to create more primary care docs.   As you may know from my past battles with NPs on this site, I believe education and training matter.

There are some that say much of the 4th year so medical is wasted time.  In fact, they point that out in this article.  Ok. Then change it.  There are some that say that this will get more students to go into primary care.  I say bullshit.  Look at the first the first sentence of the piece:

For Travis Hill, it was an offer too good to refuse. Last year when the 30-year-old neuroscientist was admitted to a new program at NYU School of Medicine that would allow him to complete medical school in only three years and guarantee him a spot in its neurosurgery residency, he seized it. Not only would Hill save about $70,000 — the cost of tuition and living expenses for the fourth year of medical school — he would also shave a year off the training that will consume the next decade of his life.

Good for Travis.  Guess what, he isn’t going into the field of family medicine, is he?  Why?  Because we don’t get paid enough and Travis wants the money.   That $70,000 he saved will be made in a month once he starts going.

You want more family docs?  Fix the pay disparity.  End of story.   Fix that and keep medical school four years.

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