The Delete Button


Let me state, for the record, one more time that I believe that training and education matter.  No sane person would disagree with that statement.  Right now the militant wing of the midlevels (NPs and PAs) are trying to attack me on this site because I continue to bring up this point.   They always go around the issue of training and education and bring up other circumstantial evidence that proves nothing.   I will not back down on this.  Training and education matter.  Midlevels have less training and education – FACT.   Midlevels are not doctors – FACT.  Is my job threatened by midlevels ? YES.  Administrators can pay them less and it is all about economics for them.   Does that mean they are equal to doctors.  NO.  Do I fear they can do my job as well – NO.  Why?  Because training and education matter.

I have baited a NP before by asking her why she thinks a nurse is the same as a doctor.  “A nurse? I am not a nurse”, she said, “I am a nurse practitioner!”.

“What’s the difference?” I asked.  I knew the answer but wanted her to set the hook.

“I had two years of advanced training to become a nurse practitioner”.

“So tell me, why does that make a difference when you want to separate yourself from an RN but it is doesn’t make a difference when you claim to be the same as a doctor?” I asked.

“Um….Um…..” No answer.


I have found, that on this site, it doesn’t matter when I publicly state that I believe there is a role for PAs and NPs.  I believe we can work together collaboratively.  I have worked with really crappy doctors at an urgent care where I felt some PAs and NPs were definitely better than those docs. I have also stated, however, that the line was crossed once the NPs wanted total independence to COMPETE with us; letting their leaders claim they are as the same as us.  But for the militant wings of the NPs and PAs, they don’t hear that. All they know is to attack back against anyone questioning their tactics.

Here is a recent paragraph from an article in the NYT on the same topic:

Nurse practitioners believed that they could lead primary care practices and admit patients to a hospital and that they deserved to earn the same amount as doctors for the same work. The physicians disagreed. Many of the doctors said that they provided higher-quality care than their nursing counterparts and that increasing the number of nurse practitioners in primary care would not necessarily improve safety, effectiveness, equity or quality.

Yep, that is what we are up against.  And if you look at the comments from that NYT article you will see that the militant wing went after the author, the doctors, and anyone else who dared to question them.  Hundreds and hundreds of NP and PA militants claiming they are the same.

But I own this site.  Never before, in 12 years, have I had to use the delete button on ANYONE.  I always let everyone say their peace even if they hammered me.  The problem with the militant wing of the midlevels, however, is that once they put a jihad on you, they never stop.  So…I will stop them by pressing the DELETE button.

If you are from that faction and want to respond then build your own website. Call it UNAUTHENTIC MEDICINE because that is what it is.  For my loyal readers, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Man, it feels good to be the King of Medicine!

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