Gifts from Humana

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This came from a reader:

A patient of mine had a fall and was in the hospital for one day!  After she was home she received a card from Humana telling her that she was entitled to some gifts.  She said OK.  In a short time she received a very large box at home.  In the box was bread, milk, various juices, and 10 frozen meals (in dry ice).   This was her gift for choosing Humana. Now I don’t know about you, but I am nickled and dimed by these groups daily and I consider this a huge waste of our health care monies.  They are all making a fortune in health care and I continue to work harder for less money.  She is well off, has a good support group and did NOT need this box of goodies…
 How do you like this scenario?  Makes it harder to work FOR the managed care companies, doesn’t it?  Think about this next time they want to negotiate your fees.
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