Bureaucratic Red Tape Makes for Lots of Suffering


This was sent to me by a long-time reader of this site.  I think it is worth sharing:

Dear Dr. Farrago:

I just lost my 89 year old mother to ovarian cancer. She had been having issues with nausea and her physician thought it was related to her diabetes, which had been detected shortly before her 80th birthday. She finally got a CT scan which revealed probable stage 4 cancer.  When an oncologist/surgeon confirmed the diagnosis, he was unavailable to operate for a full month.

Her pain was so intense by the time of the pre-op due to abdominal swelling that she spent the night in agony at the emergency room, though she couldn’t be admitted due to some stupid Medicare rules. When the oncologist told my sister that she could be admitted if she became sicker, she responded, “How much sicker can she get?”

One of the craziest things that happened prior to surgery was the requirement by law that she be informed that “This procedure will leave you unable to have children.” It would have been a miracle greater than the Biblical Rachel’s late-in-life pregnancy, as my mother had undergone a partial hysterectomy decades earlier. And she was 89!

I feel like physicians did what they could, though the idiotic red tape and delays reduced her odds of recovery from slim to none. I can only imagine how worse it will get as the hideous bureaucratic reach of ObamaCare takes hold.

Thanks for sharing.  Nothing slows down progress like the high coefficient of bureaucratic drag.

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