We’re Going No Where


Got the following from a recent AMA Morning Rounds:

The Washington Times reported that despite the “drop in number of uninsured Americans under Obamacare, more put off medical treatment this year because they can’t afford it, said a new poll released Friday.” A Gallup poll found that a third of Americans say they have put off getting medical treatment that they or their family needed this year because of cost. Gallup stated that “a slightly higher percentage of Americans than in previous years report having put off medical treatment, suggesting that the Affordable Care Act has not immediately affected this measure.” The Chicago Tribune reported that some newly insured individuals who purchased coverage through the ACA “have found that medical care is still out of reach because of the plans’ high deductibles.” As a result, “many consumers with high-deductible plans are following old habits: delaying care or taking their needs to community health centers that have traditionally served the uninsured, local health administrators said.”

It turns out that the real winners are the insurance companies once again.  They overcharge because the ACA did not force any competition and now the patients won’t even use their damn plans!!

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