Now You See It


The cuts have started.  Over 257,000 doctors will get Medicare cuts because they are still using paper records.  Intuitively, it does seem ridiculous at this day an age to be using paper charts that is until you realize that all electronic medical records (EMR or EHR) were built for billing not patient care.  Then you may come to the same conclusion as these docs that these behemoths are not worth the money.  Doesn’t matter.  The government will penalize you anyway.  Let’s not forget that these EMRs are really not proven to improve care.  Doesn’t matter.  The government will penalize you anyway.  How about the fact that these EMRs do not talk to other EMRs?  You still have to print-fax-print-scan any medical record you sent.  Doesn’t matter.  The government will penalize you anyway.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like a lot of the aspects of the electronic medical record but I have one (Atlas) that works for direct primary care.  It is not built for billing.  It is built the way it should be with the good aspects of the paper chart combined with the helpful aspects of technology.  Doesn’t matter. If I was still billing the government then I would be penalized because I wouldn’t be “adequately” doing it right in their eyes:

The American Medical Association said the meaningful use program uses a “strict set of one-size-fits-all requirements” and is “failing physicians and their patients,” AMA president-elect Dr. Steven Stack said in a statement

No, AMA, we let the government do this to us and now we are failing our patients because of it.  We need control back.  I am just starting to feel that again and it is amazing.

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