A Child’s Right to Choose

This is Jimmy Kimmel’s follow up to his attack on the anti-vaccinate lunatics. It’s not only funny but also explains how gullible people are, how “stupid science” can be created and how crazy and vile some of these whack jobs are.

Douglas Farrago MD

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  1. Steve O'
    March 6, 2015 at 8:54 am

    The purpose of a broad-based education system in a representative government is to train the minds of young people how to think independently and rationally. The aims of a political propaganda system is to take away that fundamental ability as painlessly as possible, relegating people to the status of untutored children.
    What do we have here? An infotainment universe with friendly, folksy ideas pre-cooked by unknown entities for their own purposes, and issued by uninformed but stunningly attractive nitwits. The dull and unthinking viewer selects a perspective that gives one the most personal comfort, clings to it until passively washed from one idea to the next, like a leaf in a stream.
    There is hardly enough curiosity left for individuals to seek out and choose opinions from reliable sources – a chore that has become laughably easy over the last twenty years. When it once involved traveling and reading at a library, people can acquire enough valuable information in an afternoon to make a reasonably informed decision on many things, given access to expert opinions.
    But we the people cannot perceive quality any more – only brand. Dr. Oz and Oprah are brands, and so is Penn Jillette and Jenny McCarthy. That’s all the effort we wish to make – we simply pick one like a cleaning product or breath spray. Real, unbranded facts – how are we to handle them, unless we think?
    So instead, we the people do not look for reality – such an effort, which could take many minutes of our valuable time, is as terrifying as a ten-second interruption in a TV broadcast – an uncomfortable eternity. Kimmel may be mocking “those idiots” to his audience – he would not dare turn the TV mirror onto the viewers themselves and show them that they are, in fact, the same species of “those idiots.” Lose viewership, he would.
    Faux outrage is what sells, and unmasking the culprits in our society is all the rage. In a society without conscience, the best we have is hypocrisy. You go, Jimmy! He happens to be right, but victory is measured by smugness, not accuracy, in InfoTainment America.

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