My Heroes Fix the SGR Mess


Check out the headline:

AAFP Wins House Battle for Full SGR Repeal, Takes Fight to Senate

Wow, what fighters.  Heck, even the image above is from their website and it shows boxing gloves.  But wait, isn’t it the AMA doing the real fighting? Here is their headline:

AMA Urges Immediate Congressional Action Upon Return from Recess

I am confused? Which group are the real heroes?  Which group should I give my money to?  The answer is neither.  They are both sellouts.  All this “fix” does is stop Medicare rates from not being cut by 21% and that action has been blocked every year anyway.  And maybe if it wasn’t blocked and we let the 21% cut happen then more docs would walk from Medicare forcing the politicians to listen to the doctors’ demands and not the other way around.

Do not be fooled by these snake oil salesman.  If you still bill Medicare you will still have more and more bogus quality metrics and more and more hassles.  Oh, and you will be paid less and less each year.