Crappy Doctors


My friend Val Jones MD put this on her blog and then on another site.  It is making the rounds for good reason.  It portrays this one gastroenterologist as the complete douche that he is.  I saw a lot of these doctors in medical school, residency and even early in my career.  Thankfully, most are gone.  Some, though, are still around.  They were either born as douchebags or nurtured into becoming a douchebag by the system or specialty but it doesn’t matter.  A douchebag is still a douchebag.   This line captures it all:

I persist in my attempts to understand the details, to which he shouts “Shut up and listen” with increasing decibels.

So though I am very protective of doctors on this site it doesn’t mean I think all are perfect.  Does this guy need to be reported to the state board?  Not for being a douche.  He just needs for patients to let it be known that they will not see him.  The word will get around and he will suffer that way. Capitalism can work.

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