Doctor’s Day Revisited


It has been a week since National Doctor’s Day.  By the way, I found out that there are no cards in the stores that celebrate it.  My assistant, however,  did get me a pin from Walt Disney World that did say National Doctor’s Day 2016, so that was pretty cool.  How about you guys?  Some of you sent me emails telling me how you were celebrated.  Here is a sampling:

  • That would be a big fat NO, we got subjected to a nice long lecture telling us how bad we are doing on meaningful use, and, although they know we are doing the measures we just need to click more boxes. The EHR we have usually takes as long to dictate as it does to see the patient or longer.
  • Nope. I’m with a University based physician staff position, which is within the Division of Student Affairs at a super-sized Southeastern school, that generously strives to prides itself on “embracing diversity”, and “ cultural sensitivity” toward all sorts of shapes, sizes, flavors,& gender orientations or sexual identities. Alas, there was but nothing for us, the doctors on staff, who are just mere cogs in the wheels of production, but who are at the same time the teachers of med students & residents, mentors for pre-med types, & supervisors of our staff midlevels, and care-givers to our patients. Thanks for asking… I remain, Anonymous….
  • No mention of Doctor’s day until end of work day when one of our corporate people dropped by with our gift- a pair of Bluetooth headphones with the hospital logo on them.
  • I received a mug filled with candy from Allina health – I am a Type 1 diabetic though…
  • Just got a Doctors’ Day thank you e-mail from the VA Under Secretary for Health.
  • I am retired but st al’s in nampa id fed me breakfast buffett this am and invited me back for fajitas this pm.
  • Nothing from the organization, my team did a great job, 1 hospital sent a cafeteria gift card an a card of recognition, the big hospital did nothing.
  • I got an e-mail this AM from the hospital. Very touching.
  • I know you are justifiable critical about how doctors are treated on Doctors’ Day. Well, here is how my Doctors’ Day started out… I received the following solicitation from the PA Medical Society asking for money. The email couldn’t even start with thanking me for my work as a PCP. Am I to be satisfied that the last 3 works in the email before the signature are Happy Doctors’ Day?
  • Answer: Yes (by saying Happy Doctors’ Day)

So, overall, I would say that once again, it was lame for most doctors.  I remember, at my first hospital, during residency, there as a big celebration with awards and a huge buffet.  Doctors felt valued.  Now we are being devalued as if somehow it is too politically incorrect to thank doctors in a big way.  So sad. So, so sad.