Ridiculous Study of the Month: Sweets Make Kids Fat


Here is a study which may make you cringe.  It turns out that kids who “snack on cookies and cake may be more likely to wind up overweight”.  Mind blown.  Wants some more?  Well, here you go you little knowledge monkey:

  • Children who ate the most sweets after the meal and threw the biggest tantrums when the treats were taken away had greater odds of gaining excess weight than kids who grazed on salty foods or didn’t put up a fuss when their snack was removed, the study found.
  • “Our study suggests that those kids who particularly like sweets are at greater risk of weight gain,” Lumeng said.
  • “Depending on the child, some families may need to be more vigilant than others about keeping sweets out of the house and limiting how easily accessible they are.”
  • All were from low-income families receiving subsidies for health care, food and early childhood education services.
  • While the study only included low-income families, the findings mirror results from other research that linked eating sweets after meals to obesity in wealthier households, Lumeng said.

So, tell me, did you learn something?

Yeah, didn’t think so.  Glad money is being paid for crap like this.


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