And It’s Back to Straight Salary

The huge Geisinger Health System has announced that they did away with physician bonuses altogether this summer and put all of its 1,600 employed doctors on a straight salary. They are going to pay each physician at or above the national average whether in primary care or a specialty.

So what happens to some of these things?

  • Alternative payment models, or APMs
  • Value-based reimbursement
  • Quality, cost and satisfaction measures
  • 50/50 split next year between RVUs and patient sign-ups
  • Value metrics

Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere  They may hide for a while but these ridiculous models are like sand people and like Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “They’ll soon be back and in greater numbers”.

Why?  Because this is what administrators do. If you take away their toys then they lose their jobs. And you know that ain’t going to happen.

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