Wasting Doctors’ Time

In a new study in Health Affairs it was found that physicians log “an average of 3.08 hours on office visits and 3.17 hours on desktop medicine each day”.  So, to summarize, MORE time is spend on the damn EMR!!  Now the authors of the study did make a bold prediction that there is “potential for physician burnout with EHR use.”  Really? Ya think?  I wasn’t sure whether this would be a candidate for the “Ridiculous Study of the Week” award or not as it definitely had potential.

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Why are we allowing our healthcare system to force doctors to practice medicine this way? And don’t think nurses don’t have to do the same thing.  There is no proof that this hyper-documentation helps anyone.  The quality metrics are bogus.  The information is being sold to third parties or stolen. Doctors are miserable. Patients are unsatisfied.  And yet…and yet..it continues. Why?  Because it makes administrators happy.  They get bonuses.  They get gold stars.  The hospitals brag about their data and the CEOs pat themselves on the back.  Meanwhile the grunts in the trenches, doctors and nurses, continues to break down.

It is time for a change.

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