The Uncertainty Tax

Insurance rates are going up next year.  Why?  Uncertainty.  It turns out that this is the next excuse for double digit rate increases.  Wouldn’t you like to have a double digit raises EVERY YEAR?  Just tell your boss you don’t know what your expenses will be and you need this guarantee.  The excuses are irrelevant.  The NY Times articles cites both Obamacare as the cause well as stating the “insurers are being quite explicit about citing the Trump administration’s hostile policy messages as a substantial reason for the higher prices.”  No hedging there.  I guess they were uncertain. All of it is bogus.  See my past posts.  The insurers are raking in profits. You can see their shares on Wall St. continue to climb.  Don’t believe any of their BS.  That being said, I just thought it would be fun to point out this new buzz term.

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