Alternative Payment Models

It turns out that physicians are starting to realize that these new payment plans based on quality and risk are a joke,  It sure took them long enough.  This comes from the MGMA:

The poll, from the Colorado-based Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), garnered nearly 1,200 responses from its members. Seventy-two percent said that the government should not mandate participation in Medicare alternative payment models; 14 percent said they should mandate participation; and 14 percent they were unsure.

“Despite support for APMs, a large majority of physician practices oppose government mandated participation, citing lack of evidence, diversity among medical practices, and the negative impact on practice innovation,” said Anders Gilberg, MGMA senior vice president of government affairs.

Lack of evidence?   Not really.  There are tons of evidence showing that quality metrics DO NOT work!

Here’s a new idea.  How about we use cash.  Let’s make prices transparent so that people can shop around.  And then we will see what happens.

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