UnitedHealth Raises Profit Outlook After Predicting A Loss and Raising Your Rates

In April, 2018 this is what was reported:

(Reuters) – UnitedHealth Group Inc reported stronger-than-expected quarterly results on Tuesday and said it was coping with uncertainty in U.S. healthcare laws by pricing its 2018 insurance plans to include a costly Obamacare tax.

Do you see how they create a diversion and then use that BS to legitimize their rate hikes?  Doesn’t anyone else realize that they do this EVERY year.  Guess what happened?

Revenue rose 12% to $56.1 billion, boosted by more consumers using its services in its health-care plans.

Analysts said the earnings beat was fueled largely by non-operating factors, particularly a tax rate that was lower than some had estimated.

Yes, $56 billion! Did you know that only about 75 countries have a GDP more than this company?  And they made this on their customers backs because the tax rate was “lower” than expected.  So why don’t they return the money to their customers?

Without competition these bastards will do the same thing this upcoming year.  Just watch.  They create a lie to justify an increase and then they rake in the dough.  It’s not hard. Imagine a business where you can raise your prices as much as you want because you know the customer HAS to buy it?

This has to stop!  Look into other options.  Look for cheaper plans across states lines if you are allowed.  Consider the health ministries.  This cornerstone of the Medical Axis of Evil needs to be destroyed.

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