AAFP Agrees With The CMS On Equitable Payment Rules

This one is going to be really interesting. The OPPS or 2019 hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS)  would reduce payment differences between sites of service.  The AAFP feels it would save money for Medicare and patients and improve payment for independent practices. Maybe.

The AAFP encouraged CMS to “create incentives for services to be performed in the most cost-effective location, such as a physician’s office,” and called the differences between inpatient, outpatient and other sites of service an “artificial distinction” that springs from the “equally artificial distinction” between Medicare parts A and B.

You can read the article via the link above.  If the CMS figures a way to not pay hospitals more in their physician outpatient practices (I believe this is the whole “facility fee” scam) then will hospitals unass all the physician offices they own?  Will doctors be free again? Will they flounder billing insurance companies again or go to the light of DPC?

One wonders.  What do you think?

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