AAFP’s Progress

I just read this article from the exiting AAFP President, Michael Munger MD, on his year-end report.  They do it every year at around the same time as the big yearly convention (AAFP FMX).  I was there in New Orleans for it but I didn’t go to the event. I just crashed it to have a DPC Alliance party.  Anyway, feel free to see how much “progress” was done by the AAFP over the past year by reading his article yourself but here is my take what was accomplished:

  1. Payment (higher pay for FP)- ummm, not so much
  2. Practice Transformation (reducing administrative burden)  – ummm, not so much
  3. Workforce (getting students to go into FP) – ummm, not so much
  4. Clinical Expertise (stopping attempts to intrude on the patient-physician relationship) – ummm, not so much

So, in conclusion, I am not sure what the AAFP did.

Direct Primary Care, by the way, accomplishes:

  1. Better pay
  2. Much, much less administrative burden
  3. Gets medical students excited about family medicine
  4. Improves the patient-physician relationship 1000 fold

Lastly, how about that MOC issue?  Where was the AAFP in stopping this charade?  That’s right, they make a ton of money off it.  Crickets.

I’ll guess I just have to wait until next year’s puppet puts out his “progress” report so I can see more of the same. Until then I will tell you once more that I believe DPC is the ONLY hope for the future of family medicine.

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