No End In Sight

In my opinion the Modern Healthcare website has never really leaned one way or another politically in the past. That is why I was amazed to see this:

On Feb. 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed legislation that created the federal government’s meaningful use electronic health records incentive program. Nearly 10 years and $35 billion in federal incentives later, hospitals and health systems are still struggling with EHRs, as new installations disrupt workflows and cost millions of dollars, eating into their bottom lines.

Boy, that was blind side shot.  Ouch.

Then they listed these nuggets:

  • Trinity Health reported a $107.8 million asset impairment charge for its fiscal 2018 related to its hospitals and continuing-care facilities switching to a single version of Epic EHR
  • A newly live Epic EHR installation at the Mayo Clinic made up a chunk of the health system’s overall $1.5 billion investment in new technology.
  • Partners HealthCare spent $1.2 billion on an Epic EHR, with installation beginning in 2015.
  • Scripps Health ran into some EHR-related road bumps a few year ago, reporting weakened financial results as it readied an EHR conversion budgeted for 10 years to cost just over $300 million and expected to incur $360.5 million in operating costs.

I guess the question really is, was this all worth it?  With little input from the physicians they forced to use this stuff the administrators are now reeling due to their inefficiencies.  They work poorly.  They were built for billing.  They have added to the misery and burnout of doctors.   Again, was it all worth it?


Maybe the bigger question is why is there no blowback on the idiots who started this crap?

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