The AAFP Doubles Down on Obamacare

You got to love them. The AAFP, regardless of what some of their members think (see comments in their link), has doubled down on Obamacare/ACA. They were staunch supporters of this crappy legislation in 2012 and now that it may be struck down, they are digging their feet in once again:

The AAFP is voicing strong disagreement with a Dec. 14 court decision that could cripple the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and undo its investments in primary care.

“We support the current law’s provisions that establish 10 essential benefits — such as lab tests, procedures and prescriptions — which all patients need to prevent health problems and to monitor or treat pre-existing health conditions,” President John Cullen, M.D, said.

Sorry, John, the ACA has failed. It has failed patients. It has failed family docs. By the way, DPC docs are able to get lab tests, procedures and prescriptions at no cost or a fraction of the cost proving what you just said is ridiculous.

Where do I pay my dues again? LOL.

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