Ridiculous Study of the Week: Seniors and Memory Checks

Memory loss and dementia is devastating issue for this country. Someone decided to study if doctors are checking to see if their elderly patients are getting screened for it and this is what they found:

About half of seniors say they’ve ever discussed thinking or memory with a health care provider, and less than a third say they’ve ever been assessed for possible cognitive problems, according to an Alzheimer’s Association survey being released Tuesday.

Even fewer, 16 percent, said they get regular cognitive assessments — a stark contrast to the blood pressure and cholesterol checks that just about everyone gets routinely. Just 1 in 3 knew cognition is supposed to be part of the annual wellness visit.

Ummm, how valid could this test be? I mean seriously. This will come off crude but they are asking seniors if they received a cognitive screen. Wouldn’t those with memory problems have trouble remembering? Doesn’t that make this type of survey ridiculous? I think so and therefore award these authors this week’s “Ridiculous Study of the Week” Award.


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