Ridiculous Study of the Week: Smiling Makes Me Drink

I thought this was a scam but I guess not.  A study in the  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology found that:

  • Employees who force themselves to smile or evoke or positive emotions in front of customers are more likely to drink heavily after they clock out.
  • The study found employees who interacted with the public drank more alcohol after work. Researchers also found a link between “surface acting” and heavy drinking.

Yup, money was spent for this study. It’s not proof. Just an association. So, employees should NOT try to be nice now? I thought millennials were doing this already?

Okay, one last quote:

“Nurses, for example, may amplify or fake their emotions for clear reasons,” Grandey said. “They’re trying to comfort a patient or build a strong relationship. But someone who is faking emotions for a customer they may never see again, that may not be as rewarding, and may ultimately be more draining or demanding.”

Do any ER docs want to chime in on this?

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