Insurer Conflict of Interest on the Rise

Here is something that will make you want to puke:

The venture capital arm of five Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans has partnered with global primary care provider Sanitas USA to open medical centers in Texas as a precursor to a U.S. multi-state rollout.

How is this not a conflict of interest? Remember the whole “If you like your doctor then you can keep your doctor” Obama line? Well, we are so far past that point:

CVS Health, which operates pharmacies and retail clinics, bought the health insurer Aetna last year and for years now UnitedHealth Group has been buying up doctor practices and clinics through its Optum health services business.

My favorite line from this Forbes article was this:

Closer ties between insurers and providers allows the combined entity to more closely monitor the delivery of care, those involved say.

You lying sack of shits. You mean cut back on the delivery of care! This is about money and control. The country should be up in arms over this. Doctors should be up in arms over this. The AMA and AAFP and ACP should…write a stern letter with no consequences behind it.

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