How did we ever let healthcare in the USA get this bad?

The way physicians are being treated and bulldozed by the government and third-party carriers right now is despicable. Although there are glimmers of hope here and there, it looks like there are now attempts to hijack even more aspects of patient care.

One fact though will never change. 

We must remain the change we are seeking! 

Position YOURSELF as the go-to doc, give patients what they need and will gladly pay for, and you’ll never be worried about the future.

Sadly, we are living in a democracy but being led by tyrants and zealot ideologues, many of whom have turned out to be exactly as founding father Thomas Paine warned about two hundred plus years ago.

What ultimately stands is anybody’s guess. But it’s likely there will be attempts to saddle physicians with more regulation, red tape, tax your children’s children, and now maybe even your investments!

Let’s stick together and support only those physician organizations that truly have our best interests as their guiding principle.

To do otherwise is destructive not only to medicine but the physician-patient sanctity especially.

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