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I found this article in the WSJ Business section. You may not be able to read it so I will highlight it. Here is the title:

Young Workers Seek Mental Health Accommodations, Employers Try to Keep Up

Accommodations for anxiety, PTSD and other conditions under the Americans With Disabilities Act differ for the workplace versus college

Okay, there is a lot to unpack even in the title but let’s show you some stuff form the article. Remember, this is the business section.

  • Managers and younger employees are struggling to adapt as a generation of people with higher rates of reported mental illness enter the workforce.
  • Many of these new workers are coming to offices from colleges and high schools where they received accommodations, such as extra time to take tests or complete assignments—in some cases from elementary school onward.
  • Workers are making more requests for accommodations, lawyers say, and more are alleging that they are experiencing discrimination based on mental-health conditions.
  • Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 have the highest prevalence of serious mental illness among all age groups, with a rate of 7.5%, compared with 5.6% for ages 26 to 49, and 2.7% for those over 50, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.
  • Students in the U.S. who receive a so-called 504 designation—which is meant to give people with difficulties such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder a chance to handle the stress of schoolwork at their own pace or with accommodation—more than tripled from 2000 to 2016, according to federal data.
  • Companies are seeing more requests to work from home, have flexible schedules or take unpaid leaves of absence, she said.
  • Even when employees receive accommodations, “new supervisor syndrome” can create instability, said Brian East, senior attorney with Disability Rights Texas. If a manager leaves, for instance, their replacement may bristle when they learn of an accommodation, such as a person’s need to have directions written in an email rather than shouted across a room.

Holy shit. We are so f%cked with this generation. Okay, that was judgmental so I will stop. Listen, in my 30 years in medicine I have NEVER seen so much anxiety as I am seeing in these 20 year olds. It is how they were raised? Is it the “safe space” syndrome? Who knows? I think there is more to it. I believe technology and the addiction to it has changed these kids both behaviorally and physiologically. They spend 7 hours a day looking at their phones. They check it 150 times a day. Eighty percent get up at least once at night to check their phones. Humans have never seen so much blue light at night, continuous EMF, and social media/gaming addictions as we have now. Whatever the cause is, we are headed for a weird and wild ride. Get your kid gloves on and play nice.

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