Should We Have COVID-19 Parties?

I have some thoughts on how to get through this pandemic. We are in a strange place right now. I have heard a million theories on how to solve this crisis so if this idea sounds similar to anyone else’s it is because it probably is.

  1. Stop testing for CV19. It costs too much, takes too long, and are highly inaccurate. Oh, and there really is no proven treatment.
  2. Let’s get it over with. Let’s let the younger generation prove their worth and do what they are good at doing. I would have anyone under 50 get out and get infected. Instead of flattening the curve we spike it higher and faster so that it is gone just as fast. We will deal with the sick young ones only if they are REALLY sick. They are not social distancing anyway. And there is NO way they will stay locked for much longer. Let them build up antibodies and become the herd immunity to buffer us older folk.
  3. Anyone over 50 has to be quarantined 100% for a month to let the above happen.
  4. Let’s get a vaccine going to give to the older group.

Why am I saying this? During the 1918 pandemic, there really was little economic impact. Amazing, right? This pandemic is KILLING the economy. People need to work. Let the people under 50 go back to work NOW. If they feel sick let them stay at work until they can’t do it. Why? They need to infect others. They need to make money.

Will some young ones get very sick? Yes.

Will this be easy to handle emotionally? No,

The bigger picture is just that. We do need to look at the whole world. If we can TRULY quarantine those who actually will listen (older folk) and are most at risk (older folk) then let’s use herd immunity to its fullest.

Now, I am open to critical thought on this, not just criticism. And, honestly, I am not even sold on my own theory, which I admit I stole from others. I don’t know if I can handle seeing a young person perish with CV19.

Fire away.

(I also would recommend we try this with anti-vaxxers first)

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