Hospital CEO Guilt from the Vacation Bunker

The NY Post recently blasted a local hospital CEO:

While heroic staffers beg for protective equipment and don garbage bags to treat coronavirus patients at a Mount Sinai hospital, two of the system’s top executives are waiting out the public health catastrophe in the comfort of their Florida vacation homes, The Post has learned.

Dr. Kenneth Davis, 72, the CEO of the Mount Sinai Health System who pulled down nearly $6 million in compensation in 2018, is ensconced in his waterfront mansion near Palm Beach.

I think there will be MAJOR repercussions with hospital administrators everywhere over CV19. For his part, Davis fought back:

Davis angrily insisted that he did not need to be in the Big Apple, or be with beleaguered staff, to get the job done.

“Do you know that from the time I wake up from the time I go to bed I am totally engaged?” he huffed. “Do you know that I get over 400 emails that I reply to. That on a good day it’s every 90 seconds and that on a bad day it’s almost every minute. That I have teleconferencing with Zoom like constantly. When they don’t have a Zoom, I’m on the phone with them. I mean, please.”

I guess that didn’t go over so well because this just came out:

Mount Sinai execs take 50% pay cut to donate to COVID-19 response

Bravo. Instead of $6 million this poor soul will only have to live non $3 million this year. I hope he can do it.

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