Alls Well That Ends Questionably

Here is some news:

CommonSpirit Health and Paladina Health are negotiating primary care contracts with employers, unions, and other organizations.

Who thinks this will go well? Who thinks this won’t fall into the same trap as the other ones who tried before to scale up DPC?

Here’s more:

CommonSpirit, which operates more than 700 care centers in 21 states, has established a partnership with direct primary care provider Paladina Health. Paladina, which is based in Denver, has more than 130 clinics that operate under value-based contracts with employers, unions, and other organizations. The partnership is launching in the Las Vegas area.

“Value-based contracts”? That’s so not DPC.

Hey, didn’t Turntable Health start and finish in Las Vegas? What’s with that place? Oh, yeah, people are used to gambling there.

I am open to your thoughts on this. I could be wrong. I often am.

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