The $11,000 COVID Test

Here is some fun news:

Physicians Premier ER charged Dr. Zachary Sussman’s insurance $10,984 for his COVID-19 antibody test even though Sussman worked for the chain and knows the testing materials only cost about $8. Even more surprising: The insurer paid in full.

Feel free to read the whole article because it will make your blood boil. There is so much more to it.

  • The charges for the doctor seeing him as a patient (even though he didn’t examine him).
  • The charges for this urgent care, ER look-a-like center
  • The fact the insurance will pay this bill but fight us tooth and nail on real things.

Feel free to point out some other BS.

I still think we will be blown away with the bill from CV19. There will be business scammers, patient malingers, government gougers and so much more.

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