College Students and CV19

I do want people to know that I was all in on the shelter-in-place bandwagon in March. Did it help? Not sure. Here is an article to debate that. Hindsight is 20/20 and we know this virus (man-manipulated from Wuhan?) is very contagious and kills the old. Yes, there are cases of younger people dying but in the BIG picture, it is minuscule. So, if we went back in time I don’t think we would have closed the country. It looks like Florida did fine and their graph “flattened” the curve.

Now comes the fun part. Can we have a civil discussion on this? There are 1.3 million active military members. Four have died to date. We have seen no deaths of young, professional athletes. The graph up top shows NO hospitalization of college students, even though some have been infected. I cannot source this so I will give you this reference from the CDC. If you are younger than 18 then the chance of hospitalization (NOT DEATH) is 8 in 100,000.

Here is where I get to my point. Why the f%ck are colleges sheltering students? Just keep them there, incubate them, and not let them off-campus? They are being “vaccinated” by each other and getting herd immunity. Done. Instead, these asshats are dismissing students and taking their money!

Okay, I know there is an election coming up so every decision is magnified and used against the authority who makes that decision. I also know that ONE death is NOT acceptable to a lot of people. But that is life. People die. I don’t want to come off callous here but young people have a much higher chance of dying from other things than CV19. Stop the nonsense! Let them free!!

I await your thoughts?

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